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Heart Felt business protocols May 28th, 2021 - Until further notice
~We will require all clients and staff to continue wearing a mask while in the massage room due to the close proximity until further notice.
**COVID UPDATE**  5/15/21

Heart Felt business protocols through May 28th, 2021:

~We will no longer ask the "Covid Questions" upon arrival.

~No more waiting in your car. Please fee free to come on in when you arrive!

~We will require all clients and staff to continue wearing a mask while in the massage room due to the close proximity until further notice.

**COVID UPDATE **   4/1/21

We will no longer have each client sign a waiver prior to appointment, instead we will ask the questions verbally and post our waiver publicly as follows:

By entering Heart Felt Touch Massage, you understand that because massage therapy work involves maintained touch and close physical proximity over an extended period, there may be an elevated risk of disease transmission, including COVID-19. You acknowledge that you are aware of the risks involved with receiving treatment at this time. You voluntarily agree to assume those risks, and you release and hold harmless the practitioner and business from any claims related thereto. You give your consent to receive treatment from your practitioner the day of your treatment.

Please reschedule if:

  • You have had a fever in the last 24 hours of 100F or above. 

  • You now have, or have recently had, any respiratory or flu symptoms, sore throat, or shortness of breath that is not a chronic condition.

  • You have been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has coronavirus-type symptoms without proper PPE.

What to expect upon arrival:

  • Hand washing or sanitation is required before each service. Please stop by the restroom or sanitizer will be provided as you walk in the door.

  • You, your LMT and all staff are required to wear a mask the duration of your visit.

  • Please wait in your car until we have prepared your room.  We are only allowed a minimum number of guests so as soon as your LMT has sanitized the room appropriately for your health and safety she will be out to guide you in for a great massage! Thank you for your patience with the ongoing protocols.

  • There will be a 15-30 min time frame between each appointment to allow for proper sanitation. Please be on time and contact us asap if you are going to be late. Because of the strict sanitation protocols, our schedule is very tight.

Please know that these policies and procedures have been carefully thought out and while they may not be very convenient, they are necessary for the safety of everyone. We understand everyone has their own views about the situation at hand and we ask you respect Heart Felt Touch Massage Therapy's position to follow the law and guidelines that have been placed upon us. 

These policies may be subject to change.

Thank you for the continued support! If you have any questions please feel free to ask us at any time.

(804) 693-9000


Heart Felt Touch Massage Therapy Gloucester Va


5/20/2020-Current (updated 1/18/21)

Dear Heart Felt clients and friends, 

During these past months of uncertainty and change, we are excited to announce that we have re-opened Heart Felt Touch Massage and have resumed based on the reopening guidelines established by the CDC, WHO, and the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals guidelines. 

Initially our business hours will be varied as we work hard to get everyone booked and back on schedule. Our top priority has always been to bring an unparalleled safe experience of healing and rejuvenation to our guests, and our resolve is  stronger now than ever before. We have been hard at work to raise the bar of hygiene and  sanitation, and have considered every step of the treatment process to ensure we meet your needs in a  focused and safe manner that is in accordance with government guidelines. 

Here are some tangible ways we have ramped up our efforts to guarantee guest and staff  safety: 

· We have thoroughly cleaned our building and added air purifying, virus fighting filters. 

· Staff and guests will be required to wear a face mask throughout the session.

· Each room will be sanitized thoroughly between each session. 

· We have installed many touchless devices throughout the building to reduce risk of infection. 

· Your appointment intake will include a waiver plus a questionnaire regarding your current health status which will need to be filled out each session.

· Our cancellation policy will be modified should you have any COVID-19 or flu related symptoms so that you may cancel or reschedule with no penalty.

·Limiting sessions to one hour until further notice.

We have a few payment options to limit cash transactions due to heightened risk of infection: 

  • Consider a monthly membership which offers a discount plus a convenient ACH debit on the 1st. 

  • Consider purchasing a gift certificate online to limit monetary transactions in house. 

  • Consider purchasing a massage series package which can be shared with members of your family.  

Given the direct contact that we offer, it is paramount that we remove as much risk as possible to negate the spread COVID-19. While there are many who are healthy, we do have a significant number of clients who are older, immunocompromised or have underlying conditions who rely on massage therapy to manage pain.  On that note, thank you for helping us keep everyone safe, this is a joint effort and we appreciate your support.

To book a massage, please visit www.HeartFeltTouchMassage.com or call us at 693-9000. 

At Heart Felt Touch Massage, our passion is serving you. We look forward to resuming operations and bringing healing and relaxation  to our guests once again. 


Your Heart Felt Team