Heart Felt Touch encompasses everything it's name implies. From the moment you walk into the quiet, calming atmosphere you begin to immediately relax. Wonderful scents fill the air and the people are kind, thoughtful and very professional. The total focus is on you and your well-being. When my massage is finished all my stress is gone and I feel refreshed and renewed. By the time I leave, I am already looking forward to my next visit! -Marilyn M. 12/2016

All of the staff is very personable! Each therapist has focused on my needs and went out of their way to help me feel my best. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences each time. Katie H. 1/2017

Many people do not realize the benefits of massage therapy. It relaxes the whole body which in turn releases aches and pains that can keep us from restful sleep. This is accomplished without inducing chemicals into the body. I advise friends to experience this for themselves with qualified therapist like Ginger Platsis and her staff. -Norm S. 12/2016

I had my 1st visit to Heart Felt Massage Tuesday, March 28th.  I have been a long time client of another muscle therapist, and I value the work done there.  I met Katie Tuesday night and discussed my many needs (I'm a mess - multiple muscle dysfunction!).  Katie was attentive and addressed what she could in a 1st visit.  I will continue with follow-ups to try to get my body straight.  Katie was kind and attentive.  The atmosphere was peaceful.  I am unashamedly a Christian (aka Christ follower - THE WAY).  The atmosphere was conducive to my healing.  In the world of political correctness, all I can say is God Bless You!   Peace ...K.S-3/17

Some of our clients gave us three words to best describe their last massage.

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"Massage makes people feel like they matter."-Norm S. 2/1/17