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All of the staff is very personable! Each therapist has focused on my needs and went out of their way to help me feel my best. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences each time. Katie H.

My goal was to be energized and reconnected with myself. My experience far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so very much.

 T. Brown

Both therapists were excellent and we had another much needed relaxing experience at Heart Felt Touch Massage. D. McGowan

Many people do not realize the benefits of massage therapy. It relaxes the whole body which in turn releases aches and pains that can keep us from restful sleep. This is accomplished without inducing chemicals into the body. I advise friends to experience this for themselves with qualified therapist like Ginger Peer Spencer and her staff. -Norm S.

Calming location, kind people, and amazing massage!! T. Sigmon

"Massage makes people feel like they matter."-Norm S.




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