Heart Felt Touch



At Heart Felt Touch Massage Therapy, our vision focuses on restoration and healing through massage therapy. Our excellent service providers offer a personal touch that makes our practice more than a spa treatment, as well as the necessary tools to guide you on your journey to healing.


We believe that massage is a way of life, not a commodity. Through our approach, a massage is much more than personal pampering, and more about creating a healthier lifestyle for your body, mind, and spirit. The benefits of massage run deep, as it not only allows you to relax through the power of touch, but it allows your body to reset, allows your mind to rest, and with the incorporation of various techniques, initiates peace and balance on many levels.

Our Services

At Heart Felt Touch, whole body wellness is our focus. We offer a variety of massage therapy services to meet your long-term healing and wellness goals.

Every service provided begins with an intake that allows your massage therapist to assess treatment specific to you and your body the day we see you. Each individual massage therapist will guide you along your journey, utilizing the tools needed to meet your specific goals. With an array of tools in our 'tool belt', there is no typical approach to your session and everything is customized to you.

Please feel free to browse the service menu and carefully select the specific bodywork which will nurture you best. Online booking will be available May 1, please call 804-693-9000 for questions or to book.

If this is your first massage or first time visiting us at Heart Felt Touch, take a look at our First Time Massage guide to learn more about what to expect.